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The projection of climate change and its impacts over West Africa are highly uncertain, affecting decision-making and rendering the design of efficient adaptation measures very challenging. The weaknesses of the intervention measures are due to a lack of technical and infrastructural capacities to support public-private operational bodies through co-development of sustainable solutions. HCS is a demand-driven research and service provision institution devoted to tackle the root causes of vulnerabilities of communities and production systems through capacities’ development at various intervention scales. >>>


Our projects fit with in the respective West African country’s national and local priorities, action plans and programs, and help to achieve the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda and the climate goals of the Paris Agreement

Several West African countries are currently developing their national climate change adaptation plan (NAP) using the Paris agreement as baseline. The objectives of the NAP are (i) reducing the vulnerability of natural, social and economic systems to climate change, and (ii) integrate climate change adaptation into current or future development policies and strategies. HCS solutions contribute to the achievement of NAP's objectives by providing scientific-based management policies at various intervention scales. Furthermore, HCS contributes to SDGs particularly to reducing poverty (1.1), water sustainability (target 6.6), climate action (13.1 and 13.2), sustainable use of ecosystems (15.1), etc. SDGs >>>


Our Experts hold advanced University Degrees (PhD) in Meteorology, Hydrology and Water Resources Management, Agro-meteorology and related disciplines. They have good understanding of water and climate services, thorough experience in designing and providing capacity building support at various levels: (i) satellite and remote sensing applications for operational hydrometeorology; (ii) applied water resources management with numerical prediction; (iii) disaster risk reduction and management (DRR/M); (iv) ICT system design for hydrometeorological observation systems and database development & management; etc. >>>







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Moving to Sensitive Water Cities
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Hydrology –Urban water management and flood mitigation


As growing urban communities seek to minimize their impact on already stressed water resources, an emerging challenge is to design for resilience to the impact of climate change, particularly in regards to ensuring flood protection, secure water supplies (including wastewater treatment and reuse) and the protection of water environments (Brown et al., 2009; Jha et al., 2012). Additionally, while concepts such as integrated urban water management and water sensitive urban design offer >>>

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